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How to become a member or subscriber

  • There are no prerequisites to become a subscriber.
  • To become a member, you must have hiked 25 peaks that are on the HPS list.
  • Easist: To join HPS as a member, or to subscribe to the Lookout, use this link.
  • Or follow the directions below, enclosing a list of 25 peaks visited if you want to be a member.

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If you wish to become a Member, also send a list of 25 Peaks you have hiked that are on the HPS list, with the month and year of the peak completion, to the postal address or email address below. (See the HPS Website,, for a list of the 275 or so HPS peaks.)

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All rates are for 6 issues/year, delivered electronically.
Basic Subscription: $9 for 1 year, $17 for 2 years, $24 for 3 years
Sustaining Subscription (helps to cover other section expenses): $20 for 1 year, $39 for 2 years, $57 for 3 years
Lifetime Subscription: $500
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HPS also welcomes donations to cover program and election expenses. These donations are not tax deductible.
Donor: $1-49
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Benefactor: $100-299
Patron: $300 and up
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Make checks payable to HPS and mail (with a printed copy of this form) to:
Laura Newman, HPS Treasurer
11755 Entrada Ave
Porter Ranch, CA 91326

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Donation amounts other than above can be sent via PayPal to the
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