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30F Rabbit Peak #2

Location: San Diego County, California

Name was originally known by the Cauhilla Indians as "Rabbit" or "Rabbit Hole" Mountain. A Cauhilla legend tells of Suic, a white and red spotted rabbit which dwells on this peak. When he appears, the mountain trembles, and there is a rumbling noise.

Charles Lummis remembered that when the local Indians were being forcibly moved to the new Pala Reservation (1902), they argued their claim to remain where they were with "You see that "Rabbit Hole Mountain? When God made [it], He gave us this place."

Mythologically throughout the Southwest, the Rabbit was the main character in innumerable tales of the trickster, as well as a culture hero who (as the bringer of fire) was a great benefactor to mankind.

Peak is also called "Big Rabbit", "Tyranolepus Rex" (and sometimes even worse things) by the HPS.

It is also on the DPS List.

Name of peak first appears on USGS Indio Special Map (1904).

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List.

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