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26E Mount Inspiration

Location: San Bernardino County, California

An HPS use-name given for a USGS bench mark that reads "Inspiration", given for the magnificent view. Bob Cates in his definitive Joshua Tree National Monument notes that San Jacinto, San Gorgonio Mountain and the Salton Sea are visible from here.

But "Inspiration" is one of the most common place names in California with almost every range having at least one. There are five other USGS bench marks named "Inspiration" that could qualify as HPS summits.

Weldon Heald, who created the "100 Peaks", loved this spot. He specifically requested in the original 1946 Peak List that special effort be made to have it officially named "Mount Inspiration". Sadly, no one has ever bothered to honor his wish. It was called this on our Peak Lists for years, until someone mistakenly inverted it to "Inspiration Mtn" (1959). Although it was quickly returned to the original form (1960, 1962), it has since mysteriously devolved to just another generic "Inspiration Point"(1972).

VABM "Inspiration" appears on AMS Pinyon Well topo (1944).

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List. Weldon Heald climbed this peak in 1942.

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