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25J Snow Peak

Location: San Bernardino County, California

Named for Charles Alden Snow (1904-83) at the request of his widow, Margaret, who headed a company (named before the fact) "Snow Peak Communications" (1987). There is evidence of logging in this area, but it was previously unnamed. Mrs. Snow contended that Snow Peak was used locally, but could only find two others who were willing to attest to this. She had a friend place this name on (internal-use only) maps of Motorola radio stations, and unbelievably, this was accepted as by the BGN! The USFS didn't review her request, because this peak is in a privately owned section of forest land. On the basis of such a review, the government has to be suspect in its motives for accepting this name. It has been reported (off the record) that the USFS sought to gain access to this private inholding by means of this simple flattery.

Snow achieved his fortune in the mobile. telephone market after WWII, and set up a number of radio repeater sites in the local mountains, including this spot. He purchased this site (1962) and began an ambitious building program including access roads, buildings and towers (1963-70). Since the peak was previously unnamed, work crews referred to it as Mr. Snow's Mountain. Snow preferred Snow Peak.

The family also named nearby Snow Creek, whose upper reaches were once home to a clan of Cahuilla Indians, noted by Strong as Tetcanaa, and Bean as Técana. It is unknown whether they gave this peak a name.

Name first appears on USGS San Gorgonio Mountain quad (1980).

Name officially accepted bu USBGN (1988).

Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 1990.

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