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20H Ingham Peak

Location: San Bernardino County, California

This is the original summit signature followed by an email letter received several years after the initial publication on the Lookout.

Named by the USFS in 1947 during a lightning fire on this peak. So as to better direct efforts a use name is often given under these circumstances. Sometimes it sticks for no other reason than that it appears as somebody's official notation. Frequently the USFS manner of naming peaks is no more than a spur of the moment decision that only becomes official long after. Ronald J. McCormick, then District Ranger, explains that "it was inspired by Mrs. Lottie Hawes Ingham, a local long-time resident who supplied the district with much historical information. She died about 1957." The USFS ascribes the name to Mrs. Ingham's first husband (first name is unrecorded), a drifter who homesteaded the Hawes Ranch, and later worked briefly at Coxey ranger Station (ca 1920), before mysteriously disappearing.

John Robinson believes it was named for an early rancher in the area. Lake Arrowhead historian Pauliena LaFuze thinks that Ingham may have been involved in the development of water resources. However, Big Bear historians Tom Core, George Kenline and Kendall Stone have never heard of him.

Originally added to the HPS List with an incorrect elevation of 6656' (1962), altered to 6360'+ (1966), corrected to 6355'(1972).

Name first appears on USFS San Bernardino National Forest map (1959).

The following letter was received via email on August 19, 2001

FROM: Howard R. Ingham
Sacramento, CA 95829-9459

SUBJECT: 20H Ingham Peak

I find the information regarding Ingham Peak incomplete and misleading. The peak is named after my father's brother, Van Renesselaer Ingham, who worked for the U.S. Forrest Service at the Fawnskin Ranger District near Big Bear Lake, CA. He married Lottie Hawes on August 8, l944. Lotties first husband was Hawes, first name unknown, and I presume that Hawes Peak, located about 1-1/2 miles northeast of Ingham Peak is named for him. The Hawes had a son, Glen, that Van helped raise. Lottie died at the Oak Springs Ranch about 11 miles SE of Apple Valley. On June 4, 1957.

Van Ingham was born March 20, 1895 at Highland, CA. He died on January 6,1959 near Apple Valley. He was killed in a hunting accident, although some said that it was no accident. However, no supportive evidence was discovered.

Van's Grandfather and Grandmother, Warren R. Ingham and Sarah Schuyler Ingham with Thomas Schuyler Ingham, Van's father and Van's Uncle, Clarence, moved from NY State to Santa Barbara in 1870. In 1872 they moved to Highland where they took up a section of land.

My Father, Warren Schuyler Ingham, was the oldest child of Thomas and Lavina Moyle Ingham, and Van was the 6th child of eight children.

Warren R. and his son Thomas S. Ingham, are both in the History Books of San Bernardino County telling of early settlers of the Highland and East Highlands area. Both Warren and Thomas Ingham were involved in water development for the Highland and East Highlands areas.

Howard R. Ingham

Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 1960.

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