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16J Mount Harwood

Location: Los Angeles County, California

Named for Aurilia Squire Harwood (ca.1860.-1928). She and her Claremont family were early members and supporters of the Sierra Club. She was a lady of leisure for most of her life, but was noted for a high energy and purpose, coupled with acutely refined sensibilities. For example, she was one of the first to recognize the value of her friend Ansel Adams! work. She served simultaneously on the Chapter ExCom and on the Sierra Club's Board of Directors (1921-28), and was the first woman President of the Club (1927-28). She was active in conservation causes and was instrumental in establishing San Jacinto's Tahquitz Game Preserve (1927). The Angeles Chapter Lodge (dedicated 1930), is named after her.

Understandably, there is some confusion about this peak once having been on the List before. Heald did climb a Mount Harwood in October 1935, but it wasn't this one. "Mount Harwood" is a name that was originally given by the Sierra Club to another summit that is now called Thunder Mountain (16F). The Mount Baldy Ski Lift Company wanted a zippy sounding name (1950). Despite protestations by the Club that the Harwood name had been in use for many decades, and that Harwood Lodge was on the slopes of that peak, the USGS sided with the alders (1963).

Cal French, believes that the original Mount Harwood may not have been named specifically for Aurelia, but perhaps for her father Jack Harwood. He was evidently much better known: an area pioneer, President of the Upland Lemon Growers Association, and he also helped found Pomona College. On the other hand, it could as easily have been named after her entire family, all of whom were socially prominent Perhaps as some form of consolation, the USGS later applied the Harwood name (this time certainly after Aurelia) to its current location on the other side of Baldy Notch.

Name first appears on USGS Mount San Antonio topo (1968)

Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 1990.

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