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11E Mount Sally

Location: Los Angeles County, California

Named by the USFS (ca.1935). We have two versions of who "Sally" could have been. William V. Mendenhall, remembered that this peak was named for Stella "Sally" Neuman. While he was Angeles N.F. Supervisor, she was one of his staff in charge of cabin permits during the building of the Angeles Crest Highway. As John Robinson recorded this, her name was noted on a map as a friendly joke by one of her friends, and that somehow the name stuck. This Sally later married Stan Williams, a Superintendent of a local CCC camp and later moved to Hawaii.

Alternatively, Robinson more recently received information from Kenyon DeVore who believes Mendenhall's story is not accurate and that the peak was named for Sally Henry (1905-30). This Sally was an avid hiker in the San Gabriels, and along with her mother and sisters Jean and Polly, often visited Camp DeVore and other resorts in the front range. Devore adds that "as these young ladies grew to their teens and twenties, they caused severe heart palpitations among the Forest Service and other young men of the mountains-including me". After her untimely passing, DeVore's uncle, Archie Edward who had always been particularly fond of Sally (and who then manned the lookout on San Gabriel Peak), proposed the naming of a peak for her, which Mendenhall approved. Since we can all attest- that matters of the heart can remain fresh throughout one's life, this researcher is inclined to accept DeVore's more personal record as accurate.

Name first appears on USFS Angeles National Forest map (1963).

Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 1954.

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