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9A Mount Gleason

Location: Los Angeles County, California

Named for pioneer miner George Gleason (n.d.), a native of New York. Gudde states that he was an early resident in LA County. Grant Brown notes that Gleason was the first Postmaster of Ravenna, and the supervisor of the Eureka Mine in Soledad Canyon (1868). Seeking timber to shore up the mine, he built the first rough road to the top of this peak, and accidentally discovered gold high on the slope (1869). It is believed that his brother Tom Gleason, who had a cabin south of Acton, and who is known to have been a mapmaker, named it for his brother. There was also a superintendent for Lucky Baldwin's Gold Mountain stamp mill (1873) named George Gleason who was probably the same individual . Mount Gleason was itself a busy gold mining area (1888-96). A resort was once planned on this summit (1904), but never built Instead it received a lookout tower and stone cabin (192548), and later an Army Nike missile installation (1971-76).

"Gleason's Peak" appears on Wheeler Survey Atlas Sheet 73 (1875).

Name first appears on USGS Mt. Gleason Advance Sheet (1935).

Name officially accepted by USBGN (N.D.)

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List. Weldon Heald climbed this peak in 1940.

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