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8A Liebre Mountain

Location: Los Angeles County, California

Named for the Mexican land grant Rancho La Liebre (1846) which was first mentioned as named after "the place that is called the burrow of the hare" (1825). The "Sierra de la Liebre" is shown on the Wheeler Survey Atlas Sheet 73-c (1875). GLO Township Plat 7-16/3 describes the area as "impassable mountains worthless for agricultural purposes" (1907). The modern names (all of which are outside the boundaries of the land grant) were used when the USGS mapped the Tejon quadrangle.

Liebre is one of our "moving mountains". It was once designated as 5760'+, then it was flipped to the highest spot on the ridge (point 5791') 0.7 mi to the northeast, but it has now officially flopped back to the original location.

Anglo names in the Liebre Range were curiously not noted until the 1920's.

Name first appears on USFS Angeles National Forest map (1926).

Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 1954.

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