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6L Madulce Peak

Location: Santa Barbara County, California

Named in the 18th Century, most likely by Mission padres for the wild strawberries that still grow in the area. Since no Indian name has survived, "Madulce" was presumed by the USGS to be the earliest known name for this summit. Dulce is Spanish for sweet (and it has long been thought that the peak name was just a corruption of it), but Ventura historian Jim Blakley points out that in Catalonian, madulce actually means strawberry, and number of Franciscan friars came from this region of Spain. The strawberry has also long been known in Europe, but in a smaller form. In Christian iconography this fruit is very rich in associations. Its three pointed leaf makes it a symbol of the Trinity. Its five petaled blossom represents the five wounds of Christ. Because it is sweet, despite growing close to the earth, it is deemed to be emblematic of noble humility and modesty. Its red color is symbolic of both the blood of Christ, and the desire for worldly pleasures.

The USFS built a fire lookout here consisting of a 20' open k-braced steel tower with a 14' by 14' wood cab (1934). The tower was burned in the late 1970's by the USFS.

The summit was also known as "Strawberry Peak" on the USGS Santa Ynez topo (1905), and USFS Los Padres National Forest map (1937).

Name first appears on USFS Santa Barbara National Forest map (1926).

Name officially accepted by USBGN (1938).

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List.

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