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6H San Rafael Mountain

Location: Santa Barbara County, California

Named for Saint Archangel Raphael. A fairly common Mission era name in California. This was probably given by a Franciscan friar around October 24, the Saint's feast day. Raphael is one of the seven Archangels, and is one of four constantly nearest to God. Raphael's position is behind the throne (Tobias xxii, 15). His special province is the souls of men. He is also known as Suriel--the Angel who recalls or dissipates disease. The name Raphael means "healing from God", or "God has healed". As the Angel of Healing, he is regarded as the patron Saint of lovers, philosophers, physicians, nurses, and of humanity. It was Raphael who brought Adam the ancient books of knowledge.

Name of this mountain range as Sierra de San Rafael first appears on a diseño for the 35,573 acre Rancho San Marcos (1846). Current name was anglicized as San Raphael Mts in Williamson's Pacific Railroad Reports VII, I (1853).

Name of the mountain first appears as San Raphael Mt on the State Mining Bureau Geological Map of the State of California (1916).

Name first appears on the GLO State of California map (1907).

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List.

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