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4B San Emigdio Mountain

Location: Kern County, California

Named after Saint Emygdius (or Emidius), a German Christian martyr, and the protector Saint against earthquakes (d.303). We can only muse that either a sudden tremblor in this area or long experience with them here may have suggested this name. Peak name is derived from Rancho San Emigdio, described in the Archives of Mission Santa Barbara as a part of its lands (1824).

Pablo de la Portilla while leading a punitive expedition to quell a major revolt by "Mission" Indians, joined with a force led by Antonio del Valle near this peak-they were able to return the Indians to Santa Barbara without bloodshed (1824). Later, Sebastián Rodríguez noted passing this way twice in pursuit of Miwok Indian horse-thieves (1828). This area later became part of the 17,710 acre (Mexican Land Grant Rancho) San Emidio (1824). Probably, this name was an intentional corruption meant as a witticism since "emidio" means tired or weary.

A silver and antimony mine was located nearby at Antimony Peak with its smelter 1000 feet below in San Emigdio Canyon-this mine and several others in the area were named after the fabled but never found "Lost Padres Mine". Variant names include San Amidio and San Emidio (Brewer, 1863); San Emidion (Land Claims Office); San Emedio (GLO).

There is also a "San Emigdio Creek" that was named prior to the peak and first appears on the Wheeler Survey, Atlas Sheet 73A (1871).

Name first appears on USGS Mount Pinos quad (1901).

Name officially accepted by USGNS (1903).

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List.

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