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Recreational Fees on National Forest Lands in Southern California
(Revised June-97)

Beginning in May 1997, the four National Forests of Southern California, Los Padres, Angeles, San Bernardino and Cleveland, will require parking permits when parking and recreating on forest land. The permits will be sold at Forest Service offices and local vendors. The pass will be available in two forms:

  1. A daily pass for $5.00
  2. An annual pass for $30.00 per year--good one year from the month of purchase.

  • There is no minimum or maximum number of people per car for the purpose of this pilot program.
  • Instructions will be provided on the pass as to how it is to be displayed (visible from the vehicle in the windshield area)
  • This pilot program is targeted to begin in late spring 1997.
  • A pass will be required on all vehicles. The Forest Service will be working with visitors, providing information to help them understand the benefits, and will focus on fostering public support.
  • Recreation uses on a permitted area such as special use permits, commuters traveling through the forest but not stopping to recreate, recreation residences or organizational camp participants parking at their permitted site, will be exempt from paying the fee.
  • A pass is not required for people stopping for information at Ranger stations, visitor centers and other Forest Service offices.
  • Day passes can be purchased in advance even if the user does not know the date of his or her visit to the Forest.
  • For the period of this pilot program, educational institutions such as school buses that bring children to the forest for an official outing, will be exempt.
  • Golden Age and Golden Access passports will be honored in accordance with the terms and conditions stated on the back of the cards. They entitle the bearer to 50% off the cost of any use fee. Card bearers will need to purchase their passes at Forest Service Offices rather than through other vendors.
  • Golden Eagle Passports will not be honored as they are entrance passes. The recreation pass is not an entrance fee. Fees collected will be used for backlogged repairs, maintenance projects, interpretation, signs, habitat or facility enhancement, and resource protection. The pass can be used on any of these four national forests.

Visitors to the national forests can expect to see a return on their investment. New and renewed sites and services will demonstrate their fees at work. Visitors will be encouraged to respond to surveys asking for their thoughts on the pilot program-how they would like to see it work. how their investment is being managed and how together we can ensure that national forests remain special places today and in the future.

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