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Bylaws of the Hundred Peaks Section

Section 10. Procedural Matters

  1. Interpretation of Bylaws The Management Committee shall interpret the Bylaws. Appeals from such decisions may be made to the Chapter Executive Committee. Procedures not covered by the Bylaws of the Section, the Chapter, or the Club shall follow Robert's Rules of Order, Revised.

  2. Amendments These Bylaws may be amended only by a majority vote of the Management Committee and of all mail ballots cast by active Section members in an annual or special election, followed by approval of the Chapter Executive Committee. Any provision of these Bylaws that conflicts with the Bylaws of the Chapter or Club shall be automatically repealed, and the Management Committee may adopt a temporary rule as necessary in such cases.

  3. Notification of Amendments If the Bylaws are amended the Section members shall be notified by publication or summary in the next issue of The Lookout following the vote. The Chapter Executive Committee shall be notified as soon as possible following such vote.

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