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Bylaws of the Hundred Peaks Section

Section 8. Achievement Recognition

1. Recognition of Achievements Achievement recognition is awarded by the Management Committee to anyone who has been an active HPS member for the preceding six months and has completed the requirements for a particular achievement. Applicants must submit a list of peaks showing dates climbed to the Membership Chair.

2. Achievement List The Section shall maintain an official list of achievements and the requirements for earning them. This list shall be available to all members.

3. Achievement Requirements For leader achievements, being the Leader or Assistant Leader on a scheduled hike for at least half the ascent is sufficient for the lead to be counted. For non-completion achievments, peaks that were on the List at the time when climbed or led may be counted. For completion achievements, all peaks on the List at the time of application are required, except for the multiple completion achievements; in these cases the requirement applies only to the most recent completion.

4. Changes in Achievement List Achievement List additions and deletions and changes to specific achievment requirements may only be made by a vote of the active members in the annual election.

5. Ballot Proposals Proposals for achievement additions and deletions and requirement changes may be placed on the ballot in two ways:

  1. The Management Committee may authorize such a proposal; or
  2. A petition signed by at least twenty active members may direct such a proposal, if received by the Chair at least two weeks before the annual business meeting.
Any Section member may sponsor a written proposal to the Management Committee for achievement additions or deletions or requirement changes at least two months before the annual business meeting. If the Committee decides against the proposal it shall notify the sponsor at least one month before that meeting.

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