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Bylaws of the Hundred Peaks Section

Section 6. Finances

  1. Receipt of Funds The Section may receive funds from the Chapter, in a manner specified by the Chapter Executive Committee. The Section may not assess nor collect dues from its members. Voluntary contributions may be accepted and expended for supplies, equipment, refreshments, prizes, or other expenses in a manner consistent with the policies of the Chapter and Club.

  2. Subscriptions and Sales Reasonable subscription rates for the Section newsletter shall be set from time to time by the Management Committee. The Section may sell Section merchandise, such as patches and pins, and such sales shall be accounted for and reported in the manner specified by the Chapter and Club.

  3. Fund Raising Consistent with the policies or instructions of the Chapter and Club, the Section may conduct fund raising and other activities which require members, as well as others, to pay a fee to participate.The Section may not raise money by direct mail appeals.

  4. Funding for Outings Section outings shall be conducted on an independent financial basis, unless they are net fund-raising activities authorized by the Management Committee and consistent with the policies or instructions of the Chapter and Club. Section funds shall not be used for outings unless derived from outings; however, the Management Committee may authorize the Treasurer to make advances for the purpose of outings.

  5. Bank Accounts The Management Committee may authorize checking and savings accounts at institutions insured by the FDIC and in the name "Hundred Peaks Section, Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club," and regulate withdrawals. The Treasurer shall maintain checking and savings account statements and records. Either the Treasurer or the Chair may sign checks and withdrawal requests. Upon a change of officers, new signature cards shall be signed and presented promptly to the appropriate financial institutions before checks can be signed or withdrawals made by the new officers. No signatory shall sign a check made payable to himself or herself. The Section shall account for all Section funds to the Chapter.

  6. Deposit of Funds Unless otherwise specified by the Management Committee or the Chapter Executive Committee, money received by the Section shall be delivered to the Treasurer for deposit in Section accounts.

  7. Delegation of Authority Subject to these Bylaws and the Club Bylaws, the Management Committee may delegate authority to Section committees and may authorize expenditures by Section committees, but the Management Committee shall retain responsibility and control. Any committee so authorized must provide a proper accounting to the Treasurer and Management Committee.

  8. Prohibitions Neither the Section nor any entity thereof may borrow money or own real estate.

  9. Fiscal Year The fiscal year of the Section shall coincide with the fiscal year of the Club.

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