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Bylaws of the Hundred Peaks Section

Section 3. Management Committee

  1. Composition Subject to the powers of Section members as provided in these Bylaws, Section business shall be managed by a Management Committee of seven members. Members serve two-year terms. Three members shall be elected in odd numbered years and four members shall be elected in even numbered years. Elected Management Committee members shall take office on January 1 of the year following their election and shall serve for two years and until their successors have been elected and assume office. The Membership Chair and Conservation Chair, if not already members, shall be ex officio Management Committee members without vote.
    • Transition rules (not part of the bylaws, but included here for clarity): The revised bylaws (on length of term) will take effect in 2006. In the HPS election in 2006, the four nominees with the most votes will be elected for two-year terms, and the next two nominees will be elected for one-year terms. These six plus the Chair in 2006 will comprise the seven-member 2007 Management Committee. In the HPS election in 2007 there will be three open positions, namely the two positions elected for one-year terms in 2006 plus the Past Chair from 2006. The top three vote-getting candidates in the election to be held in 2007 will serve two-year terms starting in 2008, joining the four Management Committee members elected in 2006. Thereafter there will be four open positions to be elected in even numbered years starting in 2008, and three open positions to be elected in odd numbered years starting in 2009.

  2. Powers Only the Management Committee or those specifically authorized by it shall act in the name of the Section. The Management Committee may make rules and regulations for carrying out the policies and procedures established by these Bylaws. Section actions must be consistent with Club purposes and with the policies and directives of the Chapter and the Club. In disputes concerning Management Committee actions, the Chapter Executive Committee may determine the procedures to be followed.

  3. Meeting Schedule The Management Committee shall normally conduct business at bimonthly Management meetings, at times and places the Management Committee specifies. Advance notice of such times and places shall be published in The Lookout. Special Management meetings may be called by the Chair, or any three Management Committee members, but only with at least seven-day notice unless notice is waived by all Committee members. The Management Committee may also schedule Section meetings for attendance by Section members, and may establish the manner of conduct and the times of such meetings. The following meetings are similar to Section meetings and shall be held as indicated:
    1. An annual business meeting of the Section shall be held in September, at which the candidates for office and the proposals to appear on the annual ballot shall be finalized.
    2. An annual banquet shall be held in January, at which the annual awards shall be presented.

  4. Open Meetings Management Committee meetings shall be open to all Club members in good standing. In unusual circumstances the Management Committee may convene in executive session for discussion of sensitive issues, but shall take no vote except in open session.

  5. Quorum A quorum for the conduct of business shall be a majority of the voting Management Committee members then in office. Committee members may deliver proxies to the Chair stating their votes on specific issues. A quorum may act without a formal meeting only when quick action is necessary or prior authorization has been granted, and any action so taken shall be reported to all Committee members as soon as possible and must be reaffirmed by the Management Committee at its next meeting.

  6. Conduct of Meetings The Chair, or the Vice Chair in the absence of the Chair, shall conduct Management meetings. In the absence of the Chair and Vice Chair, Committee members shall select a temporary chair.

  7. Vacancies Loss of active membership in the Section shall constitute a resignation. Unexcused absence from three consecutive Management Committee meetings shall constitute a resignation if two-thirds of the remaining Management Committee members so vote. Vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term by majority vote of the remaining Management Committee members.

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