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Bylaws of the Hundred Peaks Section

Section 2. Elections

Annual elections to fill positions on the Management Committee and to vote on ballot proposals shall be held in the fourth quarter.

  1. Advance Notice Advance notice to Section members shall be published in The Lookout of the following:
    • Their right to submit names for consideration by the Nominating Committee;
    • Their right to nominate candidates by petition;
    • and Their right to submit petitions for proposals to be placed on the ballot.
    Candidates and proposals that will appear on the ballot shall be published in the November issue of The Lookout.

  2. Candidates by Nomination The Nominating Committee shall submit a list of nominees to the Management Committee at the annual business meeting, and may select candidates from among its own members. Nominees must be active members in good standing who consent; at least two more candidates shall be nominated than the number of positions to be filled.

  3. Candidates by Petition A petition signed by ten active Section members shall serve to nominate any active member in good standing who consents. Such petitions must be received by the Management Committee before the close of the annual business meeting.

  4. Ballot Proposals Ballot proposals may be added to the ballot as follows:
    • Peak additions and deletions shall follow the provisions of Bylaws Section 7; and
    • Amendments to the Bylaws shall follow the provisions of Bylaws Section 10.
    Other ballot proposals within the province of the Section may be included in the ballot by majority vote of the Management Committee, or upon a petition to the Management Committee signed by at least twenty active Section members. All petitions covering ballot proposals shall set forth the proposals in the form of a question that may be answered by a simple "yes" or "no" vote.

  5. Ballot Language Candidates for Management Committee shall be listed on the ballot in a sequence determined by lot, and ballots shall allow each Section member to vote for as many candidates as there are positions to be filled. Ballot proposals shall be listed in an order determined by the Elections Committee. Proposals shall be put to the members in proper form for ballot, accompanied by arguments for and against.

  6. Ballot Mailing The Elections Committee shall direct the preparation of ballots and the mailing of ballots to all active members, with such mailing to occur no later than November 10. Balloting shall be designed to ensure the secrecy of each member's vote; under no circumstances shall materials to return with the ballot or entries to be made on the ballot be requested that may serve to identify the voter.

  7. Ballot Counting Only ballots received by the Elections Committee on or before December 1 shall be counted. The Elections Committee shall count the ballots before the December Management meeting and report the results to the Management Committee. Candidates who receive the highest number of votes for the number of positions to be filled shall be elected; ties shall be resolved by lot. A majority of members voting is required to pass all proposals. Returned ballots shall be sealed and retained by the Secretary for two months unless a longer period is directed by the Management Committee.

  8. Election Results
    1. Ballot proposals shall take effect immediately upon passage.
    2. Candidates elected in the annual election shall assume office on January 1.
    3. The Chapter Executive Committee and the Club shall be notified as soon as possible of the following:
      • The passage of any amendment to the Bylaws; and
      • The officer positions to be assumed by the winning candidates.
    4. Election results for candidates and proposals shall be published as soon as possible in The Lookout.

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