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Cross Mountain, Chuckwalla Mountain

2 November 2003

By: George Wysup

The choices were limited for a good day hike due to closed forests and short November days. The outing to Fox, Peak, and McPherson was an option that many didn't "need". The weather was perfect for Mohave peaks Chuckwalla and Cross.

22 hikers crowded Sylmar rideshare point at 7 am. We sorted equitably into 2 groups of 11 each for the 2 destinations. The C&C hikers were Pat Brea, Larry Campbell, Tom Connery, Don Croley, Ron Hudson, John Meehan, Marlen Mertz, Zobeida Molina, Patty Rambert, George Wysup, and Ron Zappen.

We were all up for the loop hike (about 12 miles, 4000' gain) starting at the gate in Jawbone Canyon. We commenced this private hike at 9 am under partly cloudy skies in cool and breezy conditions; perfect weather. This route ascends a ridge above the White Rock mine, then roller coasters to the saddle north of Chuckwalla. We climbed the steep slope to this summit, getting a pathfinder for some of us.

We then went via the usual route, past the old cabin that someone (not too intelligently) built in a wash that is sometimes a river, ascending Cross from the southwest. When we reached the summit Larry Campbell announced that this was his #200. To assure congratulations from all he pulled foodstuffs from his pack and fed all our faces. The dessert item was white and dark chocolate-coated pretzels, home made by wife Mary-- delicious! So I ate my lunch for dinner.

Doug Mantle had signed in (#7) earlier in the day. We slipped and tumbled down the steep scree slope on the north side, reaching the cars at about 3:45 pm. The hike was injury free and all seemed to enjoy it.

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