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Winston Peak, Winston Ridge

29 August 2001

By: Karen Isaacson Leverich

Leaders: Rosemary Campbell, Mars Bonfire, Southern Courtney, Byron Prinzmetal

The topic of the Winston Peak/Winston Ridge hike came up on Monday, on our way to/from Sam Fink Peak. Mars apparently hadn't yet led a "dog hike", and wasn't entirely sure he wanted to do so now, though he'd hiked with Virgil and Virgil's dog, and that had been fun. "How many people? How many dogs?" he wondered. "Oh, thirty or so, probably," was Byron's reassuring response. I'd swear I saw Mars blanch. Shepherding 30 dogs to Winston Ridge apparently isn't his idea of a good time.

In the event, things played out a little differently. Besides the four leaders, Rosemary Campbell, Mars Bonfire, Southern Courtney, and Byron Prinzmetal, the only other hikers who showed up, human or canine, were Brian and I and our dog Eve. I'd not intended to go on this hike, but had a suspicion that no dogs would show up, let along thirty, and thought there ought to be at least one token dog on Mars' inaugural dog hike.

We'd done this hike, Brian and I, a few weeks ago. I'd apparently been down with a mild bug, because I remember it as being a struggle, and hadn't enjoyed it that much, except for a fun interlude when we'd bumped into Laura Joseph. She'd just come from Twin Peaks, was on her way to Winston Ridge, and hoped to bag Winston Peak on her way back, although by then it might be getting a bit late in the day.

I'm glad I went back. Feeling well this time, it was a lovely albeit short hike. After an inauspicious start (I forgot the dog's water, and kept folk waiting while I dashed back to the car to fetch it, where I found Brian had forgotten his lunch, and grabbed that, too), we quickly reached Winston Peak. Note that there's not uniform agreement on the proper way to wear a hat:

Before I discovered HPS, I hiked almost every day with Eve. Now she usually sits home while I'm out having fun. She was tickled to be included this time:

She and Byron even exchanged kisses! (No, we didn't capture that on film.)

The register atop Winston Peak showed that while Laura hadn't made it the day we'd met her, she and Zobeida had been back since. And we were later reassured on Winston Ridge to discover that we had visited the right bump (how embarrassing it would have been to learn that I'd counted the peak prematurely!), and that the register was missing.

We lazed around in the shade for a good long time, enjoying the peaceful setting and good company, then hiked out via the PCT. This allegedly is longer and steeper than the road, but to me, it seemed shorter and much more pleasant. The forest of incense cedars was a pleasant surprise.

Now, who do I bribe so I can bring Eve along on more hikes? She's tired of missing out on all the fun! (The cat, on the other hand, assures me she'd rather stay home and not be bothered.)

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