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Sheep Mountain

25 January 2002

By: Edith Liu

My HPS List Finish: Sheep Mountain

In July of 1999 I decided to join a scheduled Sierra Club Hike, and it happened to be an HPS outing led by Byron. Needless to say, Byron was very persuasive and got me hooked on peak bagging. My first goal was 25 just to become a member of the HPS. I picked easy hikes, but then commitment set in that meant no more hesitancy or a chance to draw back! Soon these hiking plans overshadowed my working schedule. Towards the latter part of my list finish pursuit, I had to rely heavily on leaders who would unselfishly arrange private hikes for me.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dorothy for being my navigator to 72 peaks, Mars for his 21 leads and Peter for sprinting with me up the mountains on 18 occasions.

Before spinning a dull tale and risking obfuscation I shall reflect briefly on my peak bagging experience.

longest hike: Santa Cruz, 22 hours
most expensive: Mt. Lukens, car broken into
most challenging: Galena headwall
most strenuous: Snowy/Black after doing Cobblestone/White the day before
coldest hike: San Rafael/McKinley in January
hottest hike: Burnt/Liebre in October
wettest hike: Big Iron in May
most ticks: Eagle Crag in May
brushiest hikes: Samon and Santa Cruz (which one is winning?)
my favorite summit block: Martinez, Antsell Rock (another tie)
most beautiful snow shoe hike: Butler via Crafts
most scenic trails and peaks: San Jacinto, Folly, Cornell, Drury, Marion, Jean
peaks I don't feel like doing ever again: Occidental, Barley Flats, Indian Mtn
happiest peak: SHEEP!!!

Yes, I finished on January 25, 2002 on Sheep Mtn. It was a private hike with Mars, being the leader, myself, Barbara Guerin, Karen Leverich, Ingeborg Prochazka, Joanne Griego, Joe Whyte, Bill Ossa and Sandy Burnside. ... and put my ashes on top of Dragon's Head!

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