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Mount Williamson, Kratka Ridge

12 June 1999

By: Ruth Lee Dobos

Saturday morning, twelve hikers gathered at the La Cañada rideshare point to hike to Mt Williamson and Kratka Ridge. We were a mix of long time HPS'ers and newcomers that are interested in joining the HPS. For several of them it was their first HPS peak. Brochures were given to newcomers with instructions on how to join the Section.

Regrouping at the Williamson trailhead we hiked up the trail to the peak with Frank in the lead and Ruth sweeping. We had lunch on the peak on this beautiful slightly warm day with clear skies and great view of the high desert.

Down the mountain with a short drive back down the Angeles Crest Highway to Kratka Ridge. The Vista picnic ground sign is missing at the trailhead. The hike up Kratka ridge was uneventful, the ski runs made the route simple. There was a register and a red can on Kratka but nothing on Williamson.

Some of us then rendezvoused in La Cañada at Pepe's Mexican restaurant for an early dinner. The picture on the top of Mt Williamson was taken by Roxana Lewis with Ken Homer's camera. The group included leaders Frank and Ruth Dobos, Susanne Weil, Peter Glover, Ken Homer, Christa Vansbinder, Denise Dietz, Ben Beasley, Eric Christensen, Dan Butler, Colleen McGrath, and Wallace DeLeon. Some of these newcomers will shortly have their required 25 peaks and will be joining the HPS.

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