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Mount Emma, Old Mount Emma

21 November 1998

By: Ruth Lee Dobos

Leaders: Frank & Ruth Lee Dobos

This time of the year is the best to climb these peaks. We happened to have a perfect sunny day, pleasant temperature and no wind. 12 of us car pooled to the mile marker 2.27 and drove to and left some cars at mile marker 3.95. The dirt road that serves the electric towers is blocked by a yellow gate, so we can no longer drive it.

We started the hike around 10:30 thru the brush to the southwest with occasional stops. The hill is steep, somebody said in the group. It is the best bet to find the fire break at 5100', then the going is easier. This fire break goes straight to the top, just left of the "monkey face rock." We signed the register, and found the signature of early bird Jean White, signed in 8:50 on the same day. We took some pictures, and started toward Old Emma on the up and down trail. Some places the trail is closed with bales of hay and fences to keep the motorbikes out. We took a long break on top of Old Emma, admiring the view. We saw the snowy Sierras in the distance, someone insisted they could see Mt Whitney (?).

After long conversations and rest we started down on a trail that soon became a motorcycle rut with some spots a foot deep making it difficult to walk. This trail leads to the electric power tower, and then by the dirt road, a short walk to the cars we parked by the gate.

We had a great trip. All the newcomers promised to come back and work on the 25 peaks to join the HPS. Thank you all for being such a great group.

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