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Constance Peak

6 September 1997

By: Maggie Wilson

Leaders: Maggie Wilson, Chuck Sale

Chuck Sale and I bagged every mountain on the HPS List together. On September 6, 1997, 11 people were kind enough to hike up Constance with us to celebrate our last peak. It was a beautiful day, and seemed even more beautiful after we sipped champagne from the 7 bottles that we hauled up the 0.8 mile. Just as we were about to head down the mountain, Ann Kramer showed up to say "Congratulations" and cheer us with another bottle of champagne. Thanks to everyone for the pats on the backs: Pete Doggett, Joe Young, Roy Nishida, Larry Shumway, (Larry, thank your wife for the great cookies!), Darrell Chun, Don Vincent, Jim Smith and Greg and Mondie Pidl and Ann Kramer. Very special thanks go to our understanding spouses, Mike & Teri, who for years put up with us constantly disappearing on the weekends.

Roy Nishida also deserves BIG-O-KUDOS! He finished his hundredth peak on Constance.

In the 80's, Chuck introduced me to hiking by taking a group of us backpacking in the Sierras a few times. Although the mountains were a new experience to me, Chuck was an experienced mountaineer. When I met him, he was an "E" rated leader, and had been in charge of the Rock Climbing Checkout of the BMTC. Somehow or another, we decided to participate on a few HPS hikes. On one of the first hikes we did with the HPS, about nine years ago, Pete Doggett asked us how many peaks we had done. We didn't have a clue what he was talking about. He gave us a copy of the peak list and the next thing you know, we were sucked into the driving and hiking all over God's Creation. At least his creation in Southern California.

On the hikes, we shared and discussed everything (what else do you do while hiking all day) from the best hiking gear to the life experiences we were going through at the time. In 1991, Chuck married my best friend, Teri. After 30 years of service, Chuck decided to hang up his LAPD shield in 1993. Chuck's daughter, Katy, was married in 1994. I married Mike in 1995. Teri and I worked at the same company from 1994 through 1996. My father-in-law died in 1996. This year, my step-daughter graduated from high school and Chuck and Teri moved to Colorado Springs. In fact, to finish the last five peaks Chuck had to fly back from Colorado.

I will miss hiking with you Chuck. I mean, I will miss hiking with you in Southern California. You have been the perfect companion during our mountain treasure hunt.

Thank you for introducing me to the mountains.

Thanks for indulging my need to stop at Juanita's Mexican Food anytime we drove on the I-10 through Pomona.

Thanks for your unending patience while teaching me navigation.

Thanks for your great sense of humor. You have the best laugh.

Thanks for the great conversation - you have a unique way of seeing the world.

Thanks for your silence so we could enjoy the beauty of the wilderness.

Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Now, on to the next game - the fifty-four 14,000ers in Colorado!!

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