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Palomar Mountain (High Point)

9 August 1997

By: Joe Young

Leaders: David Eisenberg, Joe Young

Twenty hikers met at the Pomona rideshare point for a day of lots of driving, a little hiking, and lots of sun. The group officially bagged only one peak (four had been scheduled) because the battery in Joe's truck died on the summit of High Point and the leaders were unable to continue the official hike. Several in the group, however, bagged one or more peaks on their own later in the day.

There was one significant accomplishment this day: Robert Young bagged his 200th peak!

There were also some lessons to be learned: The current peak guide for High Point has erroneous driving directions. Please use the earlier guide.

Numerous attempts were made to start Joe's vehicle. None worked. The symptoms were that the starter wouldn't turn over, nor would any of the accessories (horn, rear window) work, even when jumpered. The one thing that wasn't tried was to remove the battery and replace it with one from another vehicle. That is precisely what the tow truck driver did immediately when he arrived, and the truck started at once. The truck's engine functioned when the replacement battery was removed. Joe was thus able to drive out under his own truck's power. The tow truck driver charged $200 for his service.

Hikers driving off on dirt roads should take a minimum complement of tools, such as wrenches, jumpers, ratchet, wrench set, etc.

Maura Raffensperger saved the day by having a cellular phone with her. Thank you, Maura!

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