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Drury Peak

20 July 1997 (Exploratory)

By: Joe Young

Leaders: Joe Young, Bob Michael

Participants Cathy Reynolds, Peter Doggett, Bobcat Thompson, Jane Gibbons, David Reneric, Roxana Lewis, "Just" Sylvia Ellis, and Heather "Kiwi" McNaught joined the leaders in this exploratory of Drury Peak, elevation 10,160+ and located south of Folly Peak and northwest of Marion Mountain in the San Jacinto Wilderness area.

The ten hikers met at 7:00 am at the Pomona rideshare point and consolidated into three cars. They drove to the trailhead for the Marion Mountain Trail, located just outside the Marion Mountain Campground. Elevation here is 6400'. The hike began at about 9:15 AM. Skies were clear and temperatures cool. Joe led initially. He set a relatively fast paced ascent up the mostly shaded, though steep, Marion Mountain trail, stopping three times, the last at the Little Round Valley campground, or at least at its outskirts, at 9600' elevation. Bob led up the last 500' to the summit of Drury Peak. The summit block is attained by some easy second class gymnastics. We arrived at the summit at about 12:45 PM. Joe read from an article in the March-April 1996 issue of THE LOOKOUT which chronicled the history of the attempts to construct extensive ski facilities on and around San Jacinto and Newton Drury's successful fight to block all of them, except the Palm Springs Tram itself. We enjoyed views of Folly, San Jacinto, Jean, Marion and many other peaks.

After a leisurely 45 minutes on the summit, which DOES have a register, Roxana, Jane and Peter signed out and headed for Folly Peak. The rest (we dubbed ourselves "the magnificent seven") headed down, Bob leading. Taking a more leisurely pace down we appreciated the abundant flora and fauna. Bob and David can identify many flora and fauna. Fauna we observed included Clark's Nutcracker, the Brown Creeper, Rufus' Hummingbird, Swallowtail Butterfly, Juncos and the Gray Squirrel. The extensive flora included orchids, geraniums, Indian paint brush, spectacular fire weed, lilies (Mariposa, lemon & corn), senecio, pine drops, monkey flowers, ranger buttons, lupine, a mushroom called Bolete, shooting stars, limber pines, Jeffrey pines and buckwheat. David also found a large mushroom-like fungus, which no one could identify. (After David returned home, he discovered that the mushroom he found, and, unfortunately left, on the summit was edible and delicious. Another mushroom he found later on descent, and, unfortunately, DID take home and prepare, turned out to be bitter.) All the while we passed by numerous rocks, mostly white peninsular range granite.

The seven arrived back at the cars at about 4:20 PM, making this a seven hour hike. The seven drove to Señor Reubens in Idyllwild for post-hike revelry. As the seven were about to depart, Peter, Roxana and Jane showed up at about 6 PM. We all agreed Drury Peak was a fine peak and it would make a great addition to the HPS List.

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