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Mount Hillyer, Mount Mooney

21 December 1996

By: Luella Fickle

Leaders: Erich and Luella Fickle

By 8 AM there were 18 hikers gathered at La Cañada. We drove up the Angeles Crest to the lower Hillyer trailhead. Most of the group were just starting on the list. All day we kept hearing this is my 22nd or my 9th peak.

We hiked the trail from near the Chilao Visitor's Center to Horse Flats. From there the trail goes up the rocky side of Hillyer to the summit. A winter storm was forecasted for the late afternoon. The day was cool. The group kept together. We had good views of the central San Gabriels. We were above most of the clouds at first. When we got back to the cars, we drove to the entrance of Charlton Flat Picnic Ground for the hike up Mt Mooney. We walked from Charlton Flat up the road to the firebreak that leads to the summit. I enjoy hiking up this pretty little canyon. We ate lunch on the top of Mooney.

After we were on the top of Mooney about fifteen minutes, it started getting very cold. Clouds had settled on most of the nearby peaks which were in clear view when we climbed Hillyer. So we quickly packed up our packs and hiked back to the cars for an early drive home.

Thanks to Erich for his able sweeping. To Ursula, Sandy, Chris, Darl, Kevin, Stephanie, Dave, Mars, Leo, Yasmin, Ruth, Don, Sharry, Paul, Deb, and Barry for a fun day with a good group. I hope they all continue on to at least 100 peaks.

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