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Warren Point, Chaparrosa Peak

11 June 1995

By: Joe Young

Leaders: Patty Kline, Joe Young

Originally Patty and I had planned to lead the Yucaipa Ridge this day, but lingering snow and ice on the ridges and in the washes on the north slopes of the Yucaipa Ridge caused us to rethink our options. We decided to climb warmer peaks this day and to reschedule our Yucaipa Ridge trip to August 20.

At 7:00 am, the leaders, and followers Diane Dunbar, Theresia Glover, Harriet Edwards, and Betty and Austin Stirratt, met at the corner of Highways 247 and 62 in Yucca Valley. We consolidated into three vehicles and began our hike from the visitor center in Black Rock Campground at 7:45.

The hike went very smoothly. We arrived at the top of the ridge just east of the summit at about 9:15, rested in welcome shade, then summited at 9:30. We left the summit at 10:00 and returned to the cars at 11:20. What follows is a suggested alternate route for bagging Warren Point. It was suggested by Diane Dunbar, and we followed her route this day. As far as route bagging goes, it almost guarntees that one following the directions will bag the peak.

Hiking route directions: Follow the HPS trip guide beginning at the water tank.

"Go left for 200', where a trail goes right from the road at a duck." Follow this trail which is not shown on the topo. In about two minutes there is a fork in the trail. Go left. Shortly you will meet the main Black Rock Canyon wash. Go right. In 1/4 mile the wash divides. Take the left wash. Follow this wash past Black Rock Spring, which usually has water. After the spring keep right at all divides in the wash. The wash narrows, then widens after a divide with a trail marker. The wash turns westerly as it passes south of peak 4751'. Soon Warren Point becomes visible to the northwest. It is the only visible nearby summit that is mostly rocky. Proceed westerly in the wash until you encounter ducks on your right. Follow a use trail up to the ridge running easterly from Warren. At the top of the ridge, turn west and follow a distinct trail to the summit.

Thanks to Diane Dunbar for suggesting this route.

This was a warm day with brilliant sunlight. The only eventful thing to happen was that Austin lost his pants! Actually, at one point he stopped to remove his long pants and replace them with shorts. He left the long pants without realizing it, and on return from the peak discovered his loss. After backtracking a bit he recovered his pants.

The group reconvened at Edchada Mexican restaurant in Yucca Valley for lunch. Joe, Harriet, and Diane checked out at this point.

Patty's Report on Chaparrosa

As the Co-Leader Joe Young asked me to write up the climb of Chaparrosa because almost everyone went home before the climb. We had lunch at the Mexican restaurant called Edchada, and just before lunch it read 105° on one of the bank thermometers. After saying our goodbyes at the restaurant Theresia Glover and I went to Betty and Austin Stirratt's house for a siesta so we could do Chaparrosa when it cooled off. At 4:00 pm it was still very hot. It was 100° in the shade on the north side of the Stirratt's house. I had missed this peak in January because of road closure from rain and really wanted to do it today.

Austin, Theresia and I left about 5:00 pm for Pipes Canyon Road nearby their house. Betty decided to forget it in this heat. We took the standard route which is the jeep trail or jeep road to a nice horse trail which branched off on the right. We had a brief time on the top of the peak at 5541' before heading back to the vehicles. We got back about 15 minutes before dark at 8:15 pm. Given the high temperatures I think we made great time for this 6 mile hike with 1200 feet of gain.

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