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Split Mountain, Black Mountain #3, Sunday Peak, Bohna Peak

5 November 1994

By: Carleton Shay

Leaders: Carleton Shay, George Scroedter

If you had read the weather report for the weekend, which was for stormy weather, you probably would not have shown up at Greenhorn Summit on Saturday morning. That's what happened with most of those who had signed up for the trip. There were only three risk takers in the lot, not counting the leaders who had to be there, however reluctantly. But the non-risk takers and the weather forecasters were wrong; there was hardly a cloud in the sky in the morning (although the weather report was still threatening). The five of us drove in four cars to Black Mtn saddle, then drove two cars to the hike's end about 100 yards north of Cane Spring and left one car for a brief shuttle. This parking spot is about a half mile or so beyond the Peak Guide's parking area, easily accessible by 4WD. We started hiking at 8:00 am, were on top of Black at 9:05 and Split at 12:00. Poodle-dog bush has come on strong over much of the route from Cane Spring to Split following the 1990 fire. This fire covered a wide area including most of the north slopes of Black and Split, and northwestward to Sunday. The poodle-dog is especially thick on the last two bumps before the final deep saddle before Split and up the slope to the final summit rocks. It is impossible to bypass it, and all those who are allergic to it should avoid Split until the other shrubbery chokes it out. Ceanothus, manzanita and other trail-dogging plants are coming back rapidly, and between them and the fallen timber the trail has become an obstacle course which some day may equal the thicket that existed before the fire.

As the day wore on, the clouds increased. By the time we arrived at the car at 3:00 pm, they were quite threatening, so three of us decided to do Sunday on Saturday and ensure getting at least one of the two remaining peaks before the storm broke. One participant had done Sunday the day before, and one was not feeling up to it, so they opted out. The three remaining climbed Sunday in a heavy mist and returned to the car just at dark.

Sunday morning was sunny and warmer, showing again how weather forecasting has a long way to go. Bohna was conquered by the three remaining stalwarts in a little over two hours. Weekend participants: Bill Bradley, Dave Jensen, Southern Courtney.

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