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San Bernardino Peak, San Bernardino East, Anderson Peak, Shields Peak, Three Sisters

20 August 1994

By: Carleton Shay

Leaders: Carleton Shay, Frank Goodykoontz

In contrast to Frank's trip in the same area the previous week, we had perfect weather, it was "picture perfect." Saturday our group of 13 started up the Forsee Creek Trail a little before 7:00 am, took lunch breaks on both San Bernardino East Peak and San Bernardino Peak, and then climbed Anderson and Shields. It was really an uneventful trip, what with good weather and a congenial group which kept together nicely. We were back at the cars before 6:30 pm. Of the 11 participants Saturday, only 1 elected stay over for Three Sisters on Sunday, so we had only a small 3-car caravan to a nice camping spot near the trailhead at Coon Creek Dropoff.

In the morning 2 others joined us and we crossed the fence onto private property which the route crosses for about 1-1/2 miles. We noted that there was a "For Sale" sign at the fence which could forebode problems of access for the HPS when it is sold. We now have an agreement with the landowner for HPS access even though it is signed "No Trespassing", this arrangement was brokered by John Backus. The weather was warmer Sunday, in part because of the lower altitude. It only took 2 hours and 50 minutes to get to the peak - the route is like a roller coaster, up and down, up and down, with the peak lower than the start. We stayed on the peak an hour and didn't rush back to the cars because it was warmer and the altitude gain is greater on the return trip; it took us 7 hours total.

Participants Saturday: Erv and Janet Bartel, David Eisenberg, Ann Kramer, Bonnie and Cesar Michel, Bruce and Paula Peterson, Virgil Popescu, Ray Soucy, and Ralph Turner. Sunday: Diane Dunbar, Harriet Edwards, and Virgil Popescu.

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