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Onyx Peak #1, Silver Mountain, Arctic Point, Gold Mountain, Delamar Mountain, Little Bear Peak, Butler Peak (LO), Gobblers Knob, Pinyon Ridge, Lewis Peak, Kratka Ridge, Mount Akawie, Winston Peak, Winston Ridge, Mount Sally, Frazier Mountain (LO), Lockwood Peak, San Guillermo Mountain, Mount Pinos, Sawmill Mountain, Grouse Mountain, Cerro Noroeste

3 September 1994

By: Joe Young

Leaders: Joe Young, Frank Goodykoontz

I had optimistically expected that 45! peaks could be bagged over Labor Day weekend; however, Frank and I managed to lead 23 peaks in three different national forests.

Eight peakbaggers met early Saturday morning at Onyx Summit in the San Bernardino National Forest. We drove and hiked Onyx, then drove to the summit of Silver. We then discovered that one hiker, Bob Baird, needed Arctic for his 273rd peak, so we decided to do Gold and Arctic on our way to Delamar, knowing that this would reduce our peak output for the day. In addition, Bill Siegal bagged his 100th peak on Delamar. In late afternoon we bagged Little Bear. Our last peak for the day was a drive up Butler and hike to its lookout, where Bob Baird took pictures of hikers descending the steps of the lookout at sunset.

We decided to call it a day at 8:00 pm. We had bagged seven peaks this day. Sunday morning we met at the Unocal station at the junction of Highway 138 and Interstate 15. Seven peakbaggers, including HPS Chair David Eisenberg, met there this morning.

This group drove/hiked Gobbler's Knob in the Angeles National Forest. Our plan was to drive Pinyon Ridge, but a locked gate thwarted us. We then drove to and hiked Lewis, Kratka Ridge, Akawie, and Winston. By now the sun was high in the sky and the lower elevation began to take its toll with increased heat. On the summit of Winston I checked out while David Eisenberg assisted Frank on a hike over to Winston Ridge. After this peak David, Bruce & Paula Peterson decided to call it a day. The leaders plus Theresia Glover and Bob Baird bagged Mooney and Vetter, then were joined by two other hikers for a day's finale on Sally. We then dismissed the group at this point partly because we had had enough for one day, it was 5:30 pm, and because we believed that the road to Barley Flats was locked at the Crest Highway. As Frank and I drove by the turn-off to Barley Flats we observed to our consternation that in fact the road was not locked off.

As we drove on we observed and photographed the brand new Hundred Peaks Section Adopt-A-Highway sign installed just west of the turnoff to Barley Flats. It made us proud to see this sign.

It should be pointed out that Frank had "cleaned out an area" (Winston Ridge, Mooney, Vetter, and Sally) this day because he had needed to lead these peaks on his way to a third completion of the HPS List Leadership. Frank's service to the HPS is truly extraordinary.

At 7:00 on Monday morning seven peakbaggers met at the Chuchupate Ranger station in the Los Padres National Forest. This group drove Frazier, then hiked Lockwood and San Guillermo. We then set up a long shuttle from Mt Pinos to Cerro Noroeste which took over three hours. We started hiking from Pinos at 5:45 pm and bagged Sawmill and Grouse en route to Cerro Noroeste. We took time on Grouse to take photos and to think about the time that Weldon Heald and Jack Bascom climbed Grouse on June 30, 1946, the first climbing of 100 peaks in southern California. Note: the 50th anniversary of this event is less than two years away. We arrived at the junction of the Pinos/Cerro Noroeste trail and the paved road to the summit of Cerro Noroeste in darkness, at 8:00. We then drove to the summit of Cerro Noroeste.

Our total for the day was seven peaks.

Surprisingly, registers were found on 17 of the 23 peaks this weekend, including Akawie, Winston, Sally, even on Onyx and Silver!

Three hikers, Frank, Theresia Glover, and Bob Baird, bagged all 23 peaks this weekend. Congratulations! Bob Baird also chronicled the event with photos on many of the summits.

Thanks to Frank for doing a lot of the work this weekend. Frank "barely made it" up twenty-three peaks in three days. Actually, Frank made it up twenty-six peaks, if his two additional ascents of Pinos and one additional ascent of Cerro Noroeste solely associated with the car shuttle are factored in.

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