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Waterman Mountain

19 June 1994

By: Joe Young

Leaders: Joe Young, Bobcat Thompson

After the moonlight hike of Hillyer the previous night, only four hikers showed up at Cloudburst Summit for the quick (2-1/2 hour round trip) ascent of Mt Waterman. This time included a conversation with Mary Anderson, who maintains the Mt Waterman ski lift, concessions, aid patrol, etc.

A register can, complete with water resistant book and two pencils, was placed on the summit in a crack about ten feet east of the bench mark which says "Twin". This is the customary high point of the peak. If you move this register can to a more viable spot, expect it to be vandalized if not stolen, very soon.

After the hike the four, Joe Young, Bobcat Thompson, Jim Fleming and Mike Baldwin, were joined by HPS Adopt-a-Highway Chair Julie Rush, Laura Webb, and Sandy Houston. We worked from about 12:30 to about 2:30 cleaning both sides of the highway. Eight bags of trash were left at the appropriate place for CalTrans to retrieve.

All seven of us regrouped at Newcomb Ranch for dinner.

Thanks to Bobcat for assisting and to Julie for bringing guidance, tools, vests, hard hats & orange trash bags.

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