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Cornell Peak, San Jacinto Peak, Folly Peak, Miller Peak

26 June 1993

By: Patty Kline

Leaders: Frank Goodykoontz, Patty Kine

This was a doubtful situation until the day before the trip. We were doing all of these peaks via the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. The Tram had been closed for 2 weeks for repairs with no reasonable estimate of when it would open. The day before our trip, they told us the tram would reopen on Saturday at 8 am. This is the time we had intended to go anyway. It was a good thing they had done a test run of the tram after the repairs, and we weren't the guinea pigs.

18 people were ready for our hike at the top of the tram. First we did Cornell. 3 able people safely made the third class summit block unroped. Of note is Peter Doggett's father, Tom Doggett, wo never hikes but did Cornell with ease, including all of the third class part of the climb. We enjoyed having him along.

San Jacinto was next. We went over Miller Peak enroute. This is an unlisted peak. San Jacinto had a lot of snow from the heavy winter, but the rocks on top were exposed. Then it was on to Folly which had a little snow along the way.

We decided not to do Jean and Marion because of the snow. Too bad. It was a pleasant walk back to the tram. We did 12 miles and about 3600' for gain for the day.

Those participating in the trip were: Peter Doggett, Tom Doggett, Carole Scott, Jim Hansen, Vergil Tatad, Barbara Hobbs, Phil Reher, Helen Thompson, Carole Di Buono, Mike Brandt, Dan Butler, Bob Freed, Roxana Lewis, Jan Wilson, David Eisenberg, and Robert True. Many thanks to Frank Goodykoontz for his excellent lead while I swept.

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