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Mount Hillyer

7 November 1992

By: Alice Cahill

Leaders: Alice Cahill, Don Henderson

The day I had anticipated for so long dawned clear and sunny. It was just the type of day I had ordered up for my list finish celebration climb. Wearing the special list finish T-shirt I had designed and created, I eagerly started the day. Eighteen of us met at the La Cañada carpool point at 9 am, condensed down into five cars and then regrouped at Chilao Visitor Center. We caravanned the last half mile to the trailhead. Asher Waxman, who had brought his brother Nate, decided to drive around and do the "easy" route up and meet us on top. So sixteen of us started up the trail that winds its way through chaparral, Jeffrey pines and some interesting boulder formations. We arrived at the top after a pleasant hike and I scrambled up the summit rocks to retrieve the register.

Success! I was a List Finisher!

Various libations popped open and were poured to the happy peakers. As we all munched on shared goodies, I presented some interesting facts I had compiled about reaching this pinnacle of accomplishment. I hiked over 1300 miles, climbed 354,500' of gain or the equivalent of 61 miles straight up, and using the standard formula for energy expenditure, I burned up 141,931,000 calories or 40,552 pounds of fat! I hate to imagine what all of us would look like if we weren't hiking.

After much photo taking, we had a relaxing hike back down to the cars.

Thanks to my husband, Don Henderson, for his assist and to Asher Waxman. Other participants were: Diane Emmons, Evan Samuels, Noel Bell, Meg Long Eastman, Kristen Berbae, Eivor Nilsson, Dick DeRusha, Daniel, Darcie, and Samuel Bleiberg, Elizabeth Armstrong, Margie Stavalone, Tome Thomas, Judy Reiter, and Nate Waxman.

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