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Middle Peak, Cuyamaca Peak (LO), Monument Peak #1, Garnet Peak, Garnet Mountain, Sheephead Mountain, Cuyapaipe Mountain, Stonewall Peak, Oakzanita Peak

31 October 1992

By: Patty Kline

Leaders: Patty Kline, Frank Goodykoontz, Jennifer Lambelet, Tom Neely

This group of 9 peaks lie in the 5,000-6,000 foot range in San Diego County and are located near the flourishing art shops of Julian. They are all easy peaks, so rather than do the 7 I had originally listed in the Schedule, I led all 9 to accommodate the wishes of others and my own.

We met Saturday morning outside the entrance to Paso Picacho Campground at 7:30 am. Any parking over 15 minutes is fair game for a ticket. The rangers were very eager to issue them. There is really no other place to park in the near vicinity. Saturday, we did Middle, Cuyamaca, Monument, Garnet Pk, and Garnet Mtn. The last was done by the light of the moon, but Roxana Lewis became eligible to join the HPS on this peak.

Then we all went to Foster Lodge off San Diego County Rd S-1, opposite the public Laguna Campground. Foster Lodge is owned and operated by the San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club. They can accommodate small groups on a first come, first serve basis. It is $3 per person for Sierra Club members. It has a great dormitory where 8 of us slept that night. We had a nice pot luck dinner in the homelike kitchen. Halloween night was that night but was forgotten by everyone except the cabin overseer and me. We both were dressed as doctors.

The main housekeeping duties were done in a flash before we started our hiking day. I would recommend this lodge to any HPS'er in the area in need of a place to stay. It is in a wooded area and it is nice to have the company of other Sierra Club members from San Diego.

Sunday, we did Sheephead, Cuyapaipe, Stonewall, and Oakzanita in that order. Our group dwindled to 3 for Stonewall. There was a parking problem for this peak, so we all ended up paying the $5 to park in Paso Picacho Campground opposite the Stonewall trailhead.

I was determined to do Oakzanita and Jennifer Lambelet was easily talked into it. (I think??) This was an exquisite 8 mile round trip moonlight hike, mostly on road and then trail. It was through brush near the top. The oak trees silhouetted against the sky were spectacular in the moonlight.

The trip participants were for one or both days: Roxana Lewis, Mike Wolfe, Matt McBride, Greg Jones, Brenda Jones, Kathy Prestera, and Jean Hermansen. Thanks to Frank Goodykoontz, Jennifer Lambelet, and Tom Neely who took turns assisting me. Frank was there part of the time, but had to go home to help his wife, Hazel, who is recovering from foot surgery.

With about 14 miles on Saturday and 17 miles on Sunday and a gain of 3200' for each day, my endorphins were carrying me in the night as I drove home alone in my new truck. At 1:00 am, I thought nothing was unusual traveling northbound on I-5 between Disneyland and La Mirada. Traffic was light or nonexistent. Why was I surrounded by 4 old little cars, each with multi-dented bodies in need of paint? Why was the car ahead of me only going 50 miles an hour with no rear brake or license plate lights? I tried to pass on the left, but was cut off. Now the same car in front of me was only going 40 miles an hour. I tried to pass on the right and the car swerved toward me. The passengers threw something at my truck. This was more than likely a failed car-jack. Think twice before you travel between 10 pm and 2 am on freeways in not so good neighborhoods. Car-jackers like lone drivers. I feel lucky to be alive.

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