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Mount Harwood

3 October 1992 (via Harwood Ridge)

By: Bill T Russell

On Oktoberfest day, our group of ten climbed from Harwood Lodge to Mount Harwood via the north/south ridge between San Antonio Cyn and Manker Cyn. The ridge starts at Mt Harwood and ends at Manker Flat. We hiked up the Baldy Notch service road and then the Baldy Bowl trail for about 200 m to the point that it goes over the nose of the ridge (421092, 6840'). Here we left the trail and went up the ridge all the way to the top. The hiking was very fine high class 1. There was no brush and no loose rock, but good solid dirt and pleasant pine needles with good views to the south. The gain was 3400' and distance about 2.5 mi; it took us 3 hours. We decided that this ridge should be called Harwood Ridge.

Near the summit of Harwood, we met the large contingent that had come up from Baldy Village with Patty Kline and Frank Goodykoontz, and another group that had come via the ski lift. Our group promoted a human arch/tunnel formed by those who had already bagged Harwood and through which passed the first timers led by Patty. Everyone then followed Patty to her List Finish on Harwood. After a celebration with refreshments, people descended by various routes to the Oktoberfest at the Lodge. I led a group of eight down the Baldy Bowl scree to the ski hut and then out the trail. Our ascent group consisted of Archie Barthounies, Dan Richter, Erik Siering, Ann Bennett, Pat Russell, Bob Sumner, Paula Peterson, Bill T Russell, Devra Wasserman, and Asher Waxman.

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