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Copter Ridge

26 September 1992

By: Bill T Russell

Leaders: Bill T Russell, Pat Russell

Our climb down to Copter Ridge repeated that of Nov. 2, 1992, which was reported upon in the Jan/Feb, 1992 Lookout. We had 22 people, started at 0800, and returned to the cars at 1500. They all enjoyed the hike and all recommended that members vote to add it to the HPS peak List. It will be on the 1992 ballot. Some remarks that people made are given below.

We started from a good large parking area at the gully that leads up to Windy Gap. This parking area is 2.2 mi. east of Islip Saddle on the Angeles Crest Highway. A good use trail goes up the gully and reaches the PCT right at Windy Gap. We hiked the PCT to near Mt. Hawkins and then up the short use trail to its summit. Copter Ridge extends SE from Mt. Hawkins. The route descends 1500' and two miles to a distinct high point (7499'). The high point is roughly half way between Ross Mountain to the east and South Hawkins to the west. The route is good class 1 walking through beautiful, fragrant open pine and fir forest with much evidence of deer. It could be called a junior version of the route out to Ross. Copter Ridge has less elevation change, a bit less distance, but better walking and vegetation.

Participants: Bill T Russell, "moderate, peaceful;" Pat Russell, "worthy;" Paula Peterson, "I like going down to a peak;" Jim Kilberg, "pastoral;" Devra Wasserman, "wonderful, junior Ross;" Darrell Lee; Richard Schamberg, "beautiful wooded ridge;" Reza Manesh, "excellent;" Archie Barthounies, "a most pleasant day hike;" Roxana Lewis, "nice;" Ann Bennett; Norm Kinkel; Dorothy Danziger, "very pleasant;" Southern Courtney, "fun hike;" George Schroedter, "one of the best in S. Gs;" Neal Casand; Delores Holladay, "beautiful ridge hike;" Harriet Edwards, "easy out, good return;" Ralph Miles, "great ridge hiking;" Jerry Kikin; Erich Fickle; and Luella Fickle.

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