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San Gorgonio Mountain

5 October 1991

By: Barbara Cohen

Leaders: Barbara Cohen, Jim Raiford

Nine hikers met at 6 am at the Vivian Creek parking lot to climb San Gorgonio. Within 5 hours, we had made it to the top. The trail was in excellent condition and the weather was just right. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch on the peak. After lunch, Jim F., Jim B., and Dan G. signed out to do Jepson and Dobbs and then rejoined the group further down the trail. It was a joy to lead such a strong group. We had lots of laughs, especially when Nancy's pack zipper failed and Devra's pants zipper followed suit. The only negative part of the trip was camping at the trailhead Friday night. It was extremely noisy with loud music and loud people. As always, it was fun to hike with Maria and Milan. Thanks to Jim R. for a terrific assist.

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