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Cleghorn Mountain, Cajon Mountain, Sugarpine Mountain, Monument Peak #2

11 September 1991

By: George Schroedter

Leaders: George Schroedter, Connie Layne

We caravaned from the Pomona carpool point up to Stevens Ranch Rd off of Hwy 138 in the old Cajon Pass. From there is was just a short drive over to Cleghorn Mtn Rd and then east 2 miles to Cleghorn Mtn. It was a lovely morning to celebrate Erv Bartel's 50th peak.

Our intentions were to drive over and park at Sugarpine Spring Rd and make the loop hike to Sugarpine, and Cajon. Unfortunately, I was the only one driving a truck; the others drove their cars very carefully over Cleghorn Mtn Rd. We didn't arrive at Sugarpine Spring Rd until 11:00 AM - too late to start the 12 mile loop hike.

I made the decision that we would then drive to the other peaks. The consolation was that we would also do Monument #2. Thus, the only hike that day turned out to be the half hour walk up the service road from the closed gate to Cajon Mtn. There we took 30 minutes for lunch and then hiked back to our vehicles. Two miles east we hiked the short ridge up Sugarpine where we enjoyed the very nice views. But we could not find the register. It was not in the rock pile nor anywhere else.

There were some rough places on the road between Sugarpine and Monument where the cars had to be emptied and pushed. One of the cars had turned back at Sugarpine; the rest, despite the difficulties, made it okay.

After a brief stop on Monument, we continued down the road to Bailey Canyon and the 7-11 for cool drinks. Fortunately, all but one of the hikers were peak baggers, so the outing turned out fine. My apologies to Monica Amie who was only interested in hiking. I had scouted the planned hiked a year ago and was finished before 3 PM. But Cleghorn Mtn Rd was in better shape then.

The other participants were: James Kuivinen, Vera Salomons, Dorothy Danziger, Allan Lopez, Richard Schamberg, Erv and Janet Bartel, David Anderberg, Monica Amie, and Don Austin.

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