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Mount Lewis, Pinyon Ridge

7 July 1991

By: David Jensen

Leaders: David Jensen, David Eisenberg

After scores of hikes, hundreds of peaks and thousands of miles driving, the day had finally arrived when I'd FINISH THE LIST. Such an auspicious occasion required just the right peak to finish on, and through a quirk of fate, Pinyon Ridge fit the requirements perfectly.

Before attempting to scale such an awesome mountain, however, it was only fitting that we get warmed up on something a little less strenuous. Mt. Lewis happened to be nearby and at one mile and 500' elevation gain, was just the kind of heart jump-start we all needed. After only a short climb, we had all staggered to the register and began the usual sign-in ritual. With that accomplished, it was off to majestic Pinyon Ridge.

After a leisurely drive along the Angeles Crest Highway, we reached Vincent Gap and the end of the paved portion of the road. A short drive along a dirt road and we had reached the trailhead. We then fortified ourselves for the tough trip ahead. Once we were all ready, it was off to THE TOP. Using all my mountain navigation skills, I started off through the brush, which in places was higher than the tops of our boots. We had to struggle for well over a minute before finally summiting. As those readers who have already finished can imagine, it was quite a thrill for me.

Naturally, we were all famished after the ceremonials were done and we were back at our vehicles, but by chance, we had all brought along the necessary survival food kits as a precaution and proceeded to share all around. The day was pleasant and clear and the company was friendly and gregarious. Out of our group of 13, we had six other list finishers including David Eisenberg, Roy Stewart, Evan Samuels, Hugh Baker, Charlie Knapke (2x), and Luella Fickle (2x). Other participants were Kathy Jensen, Patty Kline, Bob Yinger, Barbara Morel, Ralph Constantini, and Erich Fickle.

Many thanks to Dave for assisting on this trip and for his numerous other leads that have allowed myself and others to climb peaks not led very often. Also, many thanks to my old Chevy van, which faithfully took me where I needed to go and which could't be at my finish due to an advanced state of fatigue caused by excessive mileage.

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