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Mount Sally, Mount Mooney, Mount Hillyer, Vetter Mountain (LO), Barley Flats

20 April 1991

By: Gabriele Rau

Leaders: Gabriele Rau, Gordon Lindberg

After 2 weeks of beautiful weather, a gloomy morning greeted us on April 20. On the road to La Cañada, we even had drizzles on the windshield and there was a 50% chance of rain. In spite of this bad omen, 14 hikers were ready to go. Never believe the weather forecast - we drove into blue skies! We planned to climb 4 peaks the easy way: First on the list was Mt. Sally. We had beautiful clear views of the mountains while the city was hiding under clouds. Mt. Mooney was very easy to conquer, and Mt. Hillyer was scaled even faster because everybody was hungry for lunch. There were patches of snow but we basked on the rock in the sun. In the far distance, dark clouds moved in so we left to get the fourth peak, Mt. Vetter. We wondered why the restoration project of the fire lookout was discontinued; everything seems unfinished and locked. Meanwhile, an icy wind was blowing, so we returned in a hurry. There was a bonus on this trip: a fifth peak, Barley Flats. Only 2 hikers wanted or needed this peak. The trail passes along the fence of an open conservation camp. We all felt that the prisoners should clean up their backyard, it is full of trash and paper, but they were playing basketball.

Hikers participating were Ron O'Brien, Norma and Ted Ehrlich, Sarah Jacobsen, Diana Jeffers, Jerri Smith, Jack Trager, Fred Smith, Bill Everett, Fred Curtis, Harold Hlers, Betty Elsing, Robbie Whaley, and Len Espinda.

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