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Cajon Mountain, Sugarpine Mountain

2 February 1991

By: Gabriele Rau

Leaders: Gabriele Rau, Jack Trager, Gerry Fettig

26 people made it to the trailhead at Cleghorn Pass in the San Bernardino Mountains. It was a cloudy and breezy day. We hiked up the fireroad at a good pace and arrived at the turnoff to Cajon Peak after only 45 minutes -- a good rate for 2 1/2 miles. After one more mile, we reached what I thought was the turn off trail to the peak, but that trail stopped after a few yards, totally overgrown with thorny shrubs. Luckily, our Co-Leader pointed out the small use trail, that we missed. Thanks, Jack! We reached the cold and windy peak very soon and left very soon, after signing the register. We could see down to Cajon Pass and the many trains passing. On the way down thorny bushes attacked one of the hikers in the face ... at least the first aid kit came to some use. His face was painted red and decorated with a Band-aid. No further harm was done.

Then it was on to Sugarpine, all on fireroad except the last 200 yards. These were on a steep firebreak, but some people actually jogged uphill! After signing the register, everybody was eager to eat lunch. It was cloudy and hazy, but we still had a good view to Silverwood Lake. Mt. Baldy looked very picturesque with some snow, but behind it dark clouds were forming. Would it actually rain?

Jack Trager and three more hikers left shortly because they were attending the 100 Peaks banquet that evening, so Gerry Fettig took over as the Co-Leader. But because of the cold and the threatening clouds, we did not stay very long either and arrived at the trailhead without getting wet. After about 11 miles, we all felt we had done a good day's hiking. Thanks to Jack Trager and Gerry Fettig for assisting! Actually, while driving home, I noticed a few single raindrops falling on the windshield!

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