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Antimony Peak, Eagle Rest Peak, Brush Mountain, San Emigdio Mountain, Tecuya Mountain

13 October 1990

By: Patty Kline

Leaders: Frank Goodykoontz, Patty Kline

We met at 7:00 am on a pleasant fall day in southern Kern County. The first day was fairly strenuous with a car shuttle so we could first do Antimony, then Eagle's Rest. Antimony was reached well before noon. The top had some great views.

My legs got scratched up a lot in a typical walk through chaparral scrub on the way down from Antimony. Views of Eagle Rest were spectacular. It is a real mountain. We summitted in mid-afternoon being careful of the rock fall on the way up.

After doing the peak, we walked up a tree-filled river bed, making it out to the cars about 5 pm. Those participating were Mike Kelley, Jack Haddad, Frank and Ruth Dobos, and Jean Nelson.

A nice party was planned for the evening. Unfortunately, only 4 of the original 7 were there to partake. We decided not to camp at Toad Spring Camp, even though the hunters were friendly. Instead, we stayed at a more secluded campground. The hunters there had taken up all the spots and had dragged around the extra picnic tables into their own camps, so we roughed it and had a tail-gate party. Jean had her great fruit coconut salad and Mike brought some very spicy chicken wings.

The next morning, Mike went home. Jean was accompanied by the 2 leaders in her 4x4 truck to do Brush and San Emigdio. Brush offered a mile round trip and San Emigdio was a drive-up. This was quite a contrast to the nice workout we got on Saturday with 12 miles and 4100' of gain. Since we needed more exercise for Sunday, we did Tecuya after San Emigdio. I appreciated the cool weather on Tecuya, because it was very hot when I did it in June of 1989. So ended another nice HPS weekend.

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