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Mount Gleason

28 July 1990

By: John Cheslick

Leaders: John Cheslick, Charlie Knapke

Finally, the day I had been looking forward to for quite sometime, the day I finish "The List." The plan was simple: lead an easy hike to Mt. Gleason with twenty or so people and celebrate. However, I got more than I bargained for, I got a mob of 53 people. I couldn't believe it. Where did all these people come from? What other hike can I send them on? I don't think I have ever been on an HPS hike with this many people.

Originally, I had planned to do a fifteen mile round trip hike to Gleason, but some of my hiking friends couldn't hike that far, so I shortened the hike to six miles. It was a good thing since there were a couple of people who really were not in shape for a six mile hike either. However, they were properly cared for by Charlie, who was sweeping for this huge crowd.

We took the trail/fire road that starts off the main Mt. Gleason road after the prison camp. The trail goes downhill, losing about 800 feet of elevation, and then contours around the north side of Gleason. Then we went up the northwestern ridge of Gleason, joined the PCT and then hiked to the summit. The group signed in and then we proceeded to go down the main road to the locked gate where we stored the goodies in a car.

The celebration lasted quite some time. I was amazed that we didn't run out of champagne or food (catered by Trader Joe's). We had over four list finishers on the top along with two people who were on their first HPS hike.

Now that I finished the list, I can kick back, watch TV and get fat. Or maybe, I can try to do the list again? On second thought....

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