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Apache Peak, Spitler Peak

18 August 1990

By: Jack Trager

Leaders: Jack Trager, Luella Fickle, Erich Fickle

I hadn't asked for SASEs so had no idea how many would show up. Nine gathered at the Santa Ana carpool point and another 19 were at Hurkey Creek Campground where some had stayed overnight. Poor scheduling for this time of year but all were ready to takeoff from the trailhead by 9:30. The temperature was still pleasant and we were at the PCT by 11:30. There we had a problem as my wilderness permit was for 15. We solved it by "cheating" and sending half of the group to Apache with Luella and Erich while I lead to Spitler with Jim Schoedler sweeping. Each group lunched on the respective peaks. Jim led back to the saddle where we exchanged the permit and did the alternate peaks. By that time, I had run out of gas and asked Jim to lead up Apache. Several had indicated a desire to go on to Antsell Rock but by this time it was hot and looking across all decided they would save it for another time. Bob Michael was enjoying the views and clear sky so much that he decided to sign out and sit on Apache to meditate. Rejoining the groups at the saddle, we found there were a number of leaders on the hike so asked one of them, Southern Courtney, to lead down while I brought up the rear. It was hot and dusty on the trail but all seemed to enjoy the outing. We were back to the cars by 4:30.

I very much appreciated Luella and Erich coleading in place of Gordon Lindberg who was unable to take part and Jim and Southern for helping with the leading. It was great to see some of my old hiking pals including Dave Welborn, Bob Michael and George Pfeiffer and fellow Rio Hondons Jill Wendler, Bob Weister, Marge Baker and Ron O'Brien. Other participants were Bill Hogshead, Carol Smetana, Frank Atkin, Dorothy Pallas, Mark Scofield, Alan Williams, Vickie Jordan, Richard Schamberg, Charlie Brie, Talbert Kamjhr, Don Austin, Jean Nelson, Linda Avila and Patty Fitzpatrick.

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