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Mount San Antonio

22 July 1989

By: Asher Waxman

Leaders: Asher Waxman, Joe Young

We met at 7am at Baldy carpool pt & were on the trail at 7:40, already it was quite warm. Our start was none too early. After about an hour two participants dropped out. Another young man valiantly pushed on most of the way, but developed leg cramps (this was his first hike!) & waited on the trail for our return.

From the time we attained the ridge at about 7000', we had fresh breezes and milder temperatures. At 9000', finding that the front group was considerably ahead, I suggested that if we went over West Baldy it would slow us down & we wouldn't have to wait as long on top of Old Baldy for the rest of the group. So eight of us took off through the patchy brush on fair use-trail, leaving the main trail at 9600 (no bushwacking required), then descended directly towards Old Baldy. West Baldy is a charming, quiet peak - free of the heavy traffic that assaults the main peak. Approaching the summit of O.B., I was hailed by Pepi Westhal, who was ascending from the Village for the first time (with her friend Rosemary Boland). They had left at 6 am. Pepi had just celebrated her 70th birthday July 6th with an ascent of Baldy via the Ski Hut. (Congratulations, Pepi!)

At the very top we were greeted by Dotty Rabinowitz & Donica Wood, arrived from the ski lift. The 22 who made the peak in our group were: Diane Jo Harman, Nelda Chambers, Judy Hedges, Chuck Rulon, Don Croley, Jack Haddad, Raquel Carvallo, Flo Van Volkom, Elke Barauskas, Alice Cahill, Doug Demers, Hal Rice, Martin Donabedian, Austin & Betty Stirratt, Carlos Olivares, Marc Spigelman, Ray Wolfe, Pete Doggett. Ruth Armentrout served as second sweep coming up & kept me company on the way down, for which great thanks. Special thanks to Joe Young who swept Up & led Down & was wonderfully patient. The last of us, descending at a very comfortable pace, were back at the cars at 4:40 pm.

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