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Cannel Point, Sirretta Peak, Lightner Peak, Scodie Mountain

19 August 1989

By: Luella Martin

Leaders: Luella Martin, Kay Machen, Erich Fickle

Sixteen met by 7AM at the Walker Pass Campground. It took us until after 10 to get 6 cars around to the Cannel Roadhead. We left 4 more at Big Meadow. About this time, I was considering ways to encourage more carpooling. Erich Fickle with whom I was riding did an excellent job of convoy control. This was much appreciated by me. We had a nice scramble up Cannel Pt. On the way up I did a "modified stationary panic" when I stepped over a rattlesnake. Wayne Norman, who was right behind me saw the snake, told me to freeze, and put it out of harm's way with his ski pole. I was mistaking small branches as snakes the rest of the weekend. Both Wayne and Erich thought, for a girl, I didn't do a very good panic. I didn't look scared enough. Reason: by the time I realized the problem, Wayne was already taking care of it. So really all I did was jump once and yell, a mere reflex action to the word "Rattlesnake". We were on the summit by noon. Lucy Woodward said she couldn't see why they had put it on the list until she got to the summit. The view is very good of the Isabella Area and the summit block has something for everybody class 1 to 3+.

By the time we were back to Big Meadow it was 2:30. I wasn't very fast and knew that the people going my speed would have trouble getting Sirretta before dark. So we signed out the speedy persons and the rest of us went on to the Lightner trailhead. Several went to do Sirretta and then go home for the Akawie funeral. Kay did this. I appreciated her help Saturday with the assist, as Gordon Lindberg was visiting his sons in Northern California. Micky Sharpstein and Lucy Woodward followed the Lightner Group out of the dirt roads and went home Saturday. Tom Neely did Sirretta and then joined us at the Lightner Roadhead sometime later, as nobody heard him drive in.

Eight climbed Lightner Sunday morning. It had been a cool windy night in the saddle where we camped. But once on the trail, it was warm. I was glad that we were able to have an early start. We were back at the cars by 10:30. All decided for an early home, except the leaders. Erich and I decided that I was feeling better and needed a hike. So we did Scodie. We were back to the Walker Pass campground by 6:55.

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