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Butterfly Peak, Rock Point, Cahuilla Mountain, Little Cahuilla Mountain

21 January 1989

By: Frank Dobos

Leaders: Frank Dobos, Wilma Wheeler

We went on a cold Saturday morning at Hurkey Creek Campground. From here 14 of us headed to the Butterfly Road trailhead to negotiate the infamous mining road. After we consolidated into the available trucks, I led three trucks, with the Scout up to the Rock Point trailhead. After ten minutes waiting I turned back and picked up Laura Webb and her passengers. Her truck refused to go up on the steep road. However, we made it, and up we hiked to the mine and from there the best ducked route on The List.

We were on Butterfly around noon and after all hurried back to the cars to pick up drinks and climb Rock Point. I led the group on the road which becomes a trail and then I turned the leadership to Karen Leonard and the DPS chair led us to her 100th HPS peak. Corks popped, spirit was high and Bill T. was higher up on the summit block. After all this we hurried back to the cars, because I spread the word that I'm going to Rouse Hill. Many of us wanted that peak and Karen Nikisher and Frank Goodykoontz and myself picked up all the willing hikers and drove and drove and drove on the endless dirt road to the Hill. None of us thinks much of it, only thing was amusing to see mama cows with their newborn calf nursing in front of the trucks. On the way back we were pressed for time, however, we were rewarded with one of the most beautiful, colorful sunsets ever. We got back before dark, but, I still did some fishtailing on the icy road, but everybody was happy after the extra peak, and nobody wanted to see Rouse Hill again.

Back in the camp we made a fire, had a happy hour, climbed in tent, bag, or bed - whatever we had. The night was cold, but a good night's sleep was well deserved by all. Next morning we were caught by the Ranger who heartlessly collected $8.00 per car, not campsite! Then we drove to the Cary Road junction where more hikers were waiting for us to go and climb the Cahuillas, so we were ready to go and the trail was pleasant, weather was warm, good group hiked up to the top in good time. Bill T. was lecturing Barbara Cohen in navigation.

By early afternoon, we drove to Little Cahuilla. Ruth Lee Brown led us up her 200th Peak - read her kind words in the Register.

On the way down Alice Cahill informed us of a weather front moving in. We had a celebration at the cars congratulating Dr. Ruth on her 200th Peak and provided some encouragement to finish The List, probably in 1989. After all this, a well satisfied hiking group headed home. Thanks to you all for being such a "good gang".

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