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Waterman Mountain

16 October 1988

By: Eivor Nilsson

Leaders: Eivor Nilsson, Priscilla Libby

There were 27 people signing in for this easy beginners and newcomers hike to Mount Waterman. Eight of the participants were non-Sierra Club members and all except three were non-Hundred Peakers. Several of the hikers were also on their first Sierra Club trip, and they promised to be back!

We hiked the dirt road from Buckhorn Ranger Station to the top of the Mount Waterman ski-lift. The ski-lift was running that day and the lady operating it promised us a free ride down if we got tired. We went on to the peak where we had a nice, relaxing lunch while looking at the view. It was a beautiful day, not too hot even though it was over 90° in LA. When I lead the trip I prefer to make it a loop trip and come down the trail, so we therefore missed our promised free ski-lift ride.

Thanks to Priscilla Libby for being my assistant!

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