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Ortega Hill, Ortega Peak

8 October 1988

By: Luella Martin

Leaders: Luella Martin, Gordon Lindberg

Seven met by 7:00AM and rode to the Cherry Creek Road in two 4X4's, where we met Jack and Phyllis Trager. The roadhead below Ortega Hill is now a target practice area for the gun-lovers. The target is aimed toward the route up Ortega Hill. We scurried through a bit of brush (returning to its former impenetrability) at the top of Ortega Hill. Somebody suggested that this would be a good candidate for the "Couch Potato" group of the HPS. Phil Weinrich said that a red inflatable couch and a color TV would be required for a "Couch Potato" hike. Leo Cardillo said we needed a T-shirt. I insisted that I got the charcoal on my hands cooking potatoes for the hike.

We arrived back at the motorcycle route before the shooters arrived. We had a nice view of Reyes and Thorn Point from the ridge going up Ortega Peak. It was a warm clear day. The eight that lunched atop Ortega Peak had a great view of the northern Channel Islands and many of the Santa Barbara County HPS peaks, Ruth waited for us at the saddle between Peak 5740 and Ortega Peak.

On the way down, Phil said that he had ordered a helicopter to take the couch potatoes on a grand peak bag of the rest of Ventura County. About that time a helicopter crossed the saddle at the head of Cherry Creek. It didn't stop. He said my VISA didn't have a $10,000 limit so they just flew by to tease us.

When we arrived back at the cars, we found that the shooters had arrived. Noisy and messy, they had trashed the roadhead. We collected some litter and departed for Woodland Hills and home.

Thanks to Leo Cordell and Jack Trager for driving. And special thanks to Gordon Lindberg for his always willing and patient assistance.

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